American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin

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Welcome to AAPI. We are glad that you have decided to explore the benefits and joy that an AAPI membership offers to you, while you work hard to take care of your patients. We like to think of AAPI as one large extended family and are delighted to have you join our large family.

AAPI has three different divisions:
  1. AAPI parent body: Membership is offered to all physicians who are of Indian origin irrespective of the location of their Medical College/School. Most members would have completed their Residency/ Fellowship trainings and they would be at least 5 years into practice/ research by the time they join. They would have also obtained licensure to practice in at least one of the 50 States in the United States.
There are two types of Memberships available:
  1. Annual Membership: runs from July 1st and ends on June 30th the following year irrespective of when you join. The Dues are $ 100. You require two consecutive years of membership to be able to vote.
  2. Patron (Life Membership): You can sign up anytime by making an one-time payment
  3. The current Patron (Life) membership dues are $500 $250 (Promotion till July 4, 2016).
All dues are subject to change by the Governing Body at any time.
  1. YPS (Young Physicians Section): This caters to the physicians who are within their first 8 years after completion of clinical training. The annual dues are only $ 50. The annual YPS members do not vote in AAPI elections. You could however choose to sign up for Patron AAPI Membership if you prefer even if you are YPS eligible.
  2. MSRF (Medical Students, Residents and Fellows): This is our future and the largest group and includes all Medical School Students, all Residents and Fellows in training. The membership is free during their training period. A letter from the Medical School Dean or a letter from the Program Director is required to sign up. MSRF members could also choose to join as a Patron Member by paying the same dues as an AAPI member.
You can sign up by one of the following two ways:

  1. Paper application: All applicants could download the application form and mail or fax with the proper dues to the AAPI office.
  2. Online: Only dues paying AAPI applicants can sign up for the membership online at this time. MSRF applicants would have to use a paper application or would have to go to MSRF website.
  • a valid email address
  • valid credit card (Master, Visa, Discover or American Express)
  • Individual NPI Number
  • Should have reviewed the AAPI bylaws and agree to abide by them
  • Have at least one valid unrestricted license to practice medicine in any of the 50 States in the United States.
Please click the registration link below to get started. You can also download the paper application from there.

Register Now!

Once again we are delighted to have you as a member and look forward to your active participation in all AAPI activities and strengthen your organization for our mutual benefit. Thank you.

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